SEMO Regional K9 Search Team
Search Lady Dog Day 2002 - 20014
Search Dog Lady  2002-2014

This page is a tribute to a great search dog, companion, partner and solemate. She is sorely missed, not only by me, but by her pack members (they are still looking for her), my collegues on various search teams who have had contact with her and worked with us over the years. She got along with everyone, both human and canine, and was a big hit at area nursing homes and schools, where we made may visits.

Trained by me, with the assistance of the good people at Extreme K-9 in Carbondale, as a live-find trailing dog, she found many missing people and fugatives over her career and I believe saved a few lives. All she wanted in return was a little praise now and again, and the company of her handler.

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  About Working with a Canine:

Training a dog for public service is an extremely rewarding avocation. Those who do it for the right reasons, do it to help the public, and for the joy and privilege of working with a canine partner.

It is a lot of work, requiring patience and repetition, but all you have to remember is the dog will do whatever you ask of it, if you can communicate what the is to the dog, and all it asks in return is affection, companionship, food, water, and a safe place to live close to you.

One caution, be prepared to have you heart ripped out when she passes on.