SEMO Regional K9 Search Team
About us
Cape Regional Airshow 2007

The Team in the past has deployed to many events throughout the year, in addition to searches. Here, we provided the Incident Command trailer for the Cape Girardeau Regional Air Show again this year.

The immediate response trailer is mission-packed to provide 24 to 48 hours support for an immediate response team. The Tactical Information Center, a fully self-supporting trailer with communications and full utilities that can remain on scene indefinitely, subject to resupply, is currently being replaced.

Here, both units are deployed together to provide an Incident Command Center for the airshow, as well as over night security for four night for the U.S. Air Force and Navy aircraft on display.

Missing Person Search, Cape Girardeau, June 24, 2012 

Members of the SEMO Regional K9 Search Team and the Little Egypt Search and Rescue (LESAR) Team, work together on a missing person search.

Benton Neighbor Day - 2013

The Team provided Incident Command and security for the annual event with the Tactical Information Center, as well as providing a location where hundreds of children were fingerprinted and photographed for Safe Child packets provided to parents during this and other events throughout the year.


Among the events attended by our dog/handler team each year are school assemblies and D.A.R.E. classes, where safety and search and rescue are discussed. Young people learn how not to become victims, and what to do if they become lost. They also learn how the dog/handler team can trail them and bring them back to safety.