SEMO Regional K9 Search Team

The SEMO Regional K9 Search Team is committed to finding missing people wherever they may be and under any and all circumstances.

Below, you will find a few photographs of some of our most recent missions.

Lady is a trailing dog, and has delpoyed on a variety of missions, including runaway children and missing children, disoriented and lost senior citizens, fugitives and in one case a missing dog.


About Lady

Lady is an AKC registered Labrador Retriever. We purchased her from a breeder in Troy, Missouri, in 2003 and she was one of a litter of 16. She has lived with her owner, Tom Beardslee, since she was eight weeks old. She is a trailing specialist, but can also locate general human scent. She was trained here in Scott County, with the assistance and advice from the good folks at Extreme K9, in Carbondale, IL.

More Information

You can enlarge the pictures and get some additional information on these events by clicking on the thumbnail  images below.

The SEMO Regional K9 Search Team is available for searches 24/7/365. You can call 911 if located in Southeast Missouri, and ask that The Team be delpoyed to your emergency. If you are a civic, school group or business and want a presentation concerning K9 Search and Rescue, or a first responder group and want to know how to prepare a site for a K9 search, please contact us at 573-450-3221.

NEW ADDITION 7/12/2011

A new member of our team is Duchess, a rescue acquired from Safe Harbor of Jackson. She will be put in service to do some rescuing herself. Born 4/4/2011, she is just starting out on here career as a trailing dog. The road ahead is long, but Dutch looks bright-eyed and ready for the challenge.


SEMO Regional K9 Search Team is a voting member of both the North American Working Dog Association (NAPWDA) and the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR), which are nationally recognized working dog and search and rescue organizations. These organizations provide, independent, third party certification of our dogs and SAR personnel.

Here, Duchess takes a break during the 2012 Scott City Summerfest. Dogs and handlers from SEMO Regional K9 Search Team and the Cape County K9 Search Team were on hand at the festivities to allow the children to pet the dogs and talk about search and rescue

Members of the SEMO Regional K9 Search Team have participated in CUE forensic searches for missing persons in Arkansas and Cape Girardeau County.