SEMO Regional K9 Search Team
Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting:

For those who need to get away for a weekend, or a longer vacation, we are offering a pet sitting service in your home. This will allow you to enjoy your time away from home, without having to worry about your pet being boarded in a strange place, in the hands of people who are looking after other people's pets as well as yours.

We will come to your home, make sure your pets are fed (to your specifications) and watered, in their familiar surroundings, using the food you provide and that they are used to. We will take them out for exercise several time a day, and make sure their living space (crate) is kept clean. While dogs are our specialty, we can also attend to other pets as well (no snakes or other reptiles, please)

Pet anxiety can be a problem when dogs are boarded with strangers in strange surroundings. We have many years experience with dogs, particularly large breeds and working dogs. We will treat your dogs as we would treat our own, while we provide a presence at your residence while you are away, to discourage unwanted interest in your home that would otherwise appear vacant in your absence.

For additional information, and or references, please call Janice Beardslee at 573-979-0045.