SEMO Regional K9 Search Team

The SEMO Regional K9 Search Team provides the Southeast Missouri Region with search and rescue services, through the use of highly trained search dogs and a team of professionally trained handlers and searchers.

The Team is equipped for short term or extended term searches, and is available on an on-call basis.

To activate the Team, call your law enforcement agency, 911, or contact Team Leader Thomas Beardslee at 573-450-3221.

We`are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Several veteran handlers and their dogs joined SEMO Regional K9 Search Team in the mission of returning missing persons to safety, or locating deceased missing persons, in the hope that the families can find some peace in the knowledge that their loved ones have been located, so they may finally be laid to rest.

Most have since bailed on the group, and we even bailed on ourselves for a few years. However, with a renewed interest in training people-finding dogs, rising from some work we did with Mississippi County Sheriff's Office's K9 "Iron" we have once again began training my GSD "Ice" to take advantage of her huge drive and focus. Carol Stuckey and Rick Braswell are helping me turn Ice into a Search and Rescue asset for Scott and adjoining counties, when the need arises.

With a combination of "live find" dog teams and  Human Remains Detection (HRD) teams, and some dedicated support personnel, The Team has the ability to make a difference in any missing person search.

The Team gets together on weekends to train and prepare for the next callout.

What We Do

In addition to performing search  and rescue functions, our team is available for the following functions:

     Educational presentations dealing with K9 Search and Rescue, Civilian Emergency Response Teams (C.E.R.T.) and Youth Hunter Education (through the Department of Conservation),

K9 visits and displays at schools, nursing homes, public events and parades, private businesses, and civic groups.

 MissCoSO K-9 Irons chasing his Cong.